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Dr. Kris Belland

"Just as every car is equipped with windshield wipers, it is imperative for every aircraft to incorporate UV-C disinfection technologies to minimize illness, injury, and the consequences of infectious diseases and potential future pandemics." 

UV-C dose maintained below Exposure Levels (EL) is no more hazardous than visible light.


Any dose of light (visible, infrared, UV) exceeding the allowed Exposure Limit (EL) has potential risks for humans.

Daily exposure to UV-C below EL is equivalent to 5 minutes or less of direct sunlight.

Accidental overexposure is prevented through technological engineering, optical design, and adherence to protocols.

Lifetime exposure to 254 nm radiation at the ACGIH®/ICNIRP threshold limit value (TLV®, or EL), received over 8 hours for 5 days a week and over 20 years, would increase the risk of non-melanoma skin cancer by approximately 0.37%.

(CIE 187:2010 [47])

No passenger nor crew member can conceivably get this much exposure.

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