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Our Background

Born of a collaborative effort of experts in Aviation, Disinfection Lighting, Aerospace Medicine, Additive Manufacturing, Optics, and Engineering, AeroClenz was created to serve the Aerospace industry, its crews, and passengers.  Our focus on cutting-edge technology and our founder’s knowledge and experience has led to the invention of the JP265 UV system. AeroClenz is a product of decades of innovation, research, and Aerospace knowledge that is here to provide novel and innovative solutions to health and safety.

Implementation of our systems coupled with best practices for safety will help you get your aircraft, crew, and passengers in the air and keep them there safely.  

Matt has had a passion for aviation from a young age, earning his private pilot’s license in high school.  After graduating from college with a degree in Aviation and Aerospace Science, he began his career as a flight instructor.  Subsequently, he became an air ambulance pilot, where he acquired an appreciation for the critical importance of cabin cleanliness.  He continued his career at one of the largest worldwide charter airlines in the country, rising to the rank of Captain and later becoming Chief Pilot for the airline.  He is now the Founder and CEO of AeroClenz.





Executive Vice President

Having spent 15 years as a government contractor in the Transportation markets specializing in Federal, State, and Emergency Management, Joe understands the importance of compliance, safety, and responding in the quickest manner possible. He works with our customers to make sure that AeroClenz provides effective custom-tailored systems that best address their wants and needs.

With formal schooling in Air Traffic Control and a decade's experience in logistics and supply chain management, Andrew specializes in AeroClenz's workflow and ensuring proper implementation of customer requests. Staying ahead of production and installation schedules to minimize aircraft downtime is critical for every customer. Andrew ensures that AeroClenz reduces these downtimes and keeps aircraft as productive as possible.



Director of Operations

Gary Allen, Ph.D.

Executive Scientist

Dr. Allen is a highly respected physicist with over 90 issued U.S. patents. He worked at GE Lighting and GE Current, a Daintree Company, and currently serves as Executive Scientist for disinfection lighting technology and products at AeroClenz. He obtained his Ph.D. in Astrophysical Sciences from Princeton University in 1981 and presented a TEDx talk in 2013 on “A Lighting Revolution.”

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